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We all know that losing your keys or having them stolen can be frustrating and upsetting.

Now you can enjoy peace of mind thanks to valuable protection from Keycare's range of products including:

  • Recovery and assistance for just £12.50 including VAT
  • Keys2Let - protect the keys to your let property from only £19.95 including IPT

Whether you are a residential landlord with a single property or a portfolio of properties it's easy to overlook the importance of insuring the keys to your let property. Insuring your keys with Keys2Let will give you peace of mind and you to protect your investment

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  • Key recovery
  • Locksmith assistance
  • Key protection
  • Up to £1,500 cover

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35% of people
have lost keys - almost half have never regained them
Protect the keys to your tenanted property
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Did you know...
5.6 million keys are lost in the UK every year?
2008 Tracker reported of recovered vehicles
74% were stolen
using vehicle keys
In England and Wales 2008/09 vehicles stolen
using keys snatched from homes
Typical costs
to recover and replace locks and keys on VW Golf
2008 saw
18,600 key related car thefts
Following a house burglary
53 people/day
have car taken
The average value of cars taken using stolen keys is just over
Protect yours from just £27
From 85% of car thefts where method was known
18% from keys left in cars
Would you leave £10,000+ lying around?
Treat your car keys as cash.
Protect them today!!
Break-ins to steal keys are up 20%

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