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From £21.00 per year *

Keycare package includes:

  • Key recovery, locksmith assistance
  • Key protection
  • Up to £1,500 cover


  • Key recovery and replacement for any type of keys attached to a Keycare fob, both personal and business keys
  • Up to £1,500 cover - substantially higher than cover included within motor or household policies. Covers any type of keys, not just car and home
  • Avoids claims on existing motor and household policies - so no impact on no-claims discount
  • Emergency helpline 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • £10 reward incentive to the finder courtesy of Keycare
  • Cover included where keys are locked inside a vehicle or premises
  • Access to a nationwide network of locksmiths
  • Car hire/alternative transport available if stranded due to loss/theft of keys
  • Cost of reprogramming immobilisers and alarms is included
  • No excess to pay

To purchase or for further information please call us on 0845 303 4028.

* Please note that all prices quoted include Insurance Premium Tax at 6%


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35% of people
have lost keys - almost half have never regained them
Protect the keys to your tenanted property
To protect your investment call 0845 303 4028
Protect your business....
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Did you know...
5.6 million keys are lost in the UK every year?
2008 Tracker reported of recovered vehicles
74% were stolen
using vehicle keys
In England and Wales 2008/09 vehicles stolen
using keys snatched from homes
Typical costs
to recover and replace locks and keys on VW Golf
2008 saw
18,600 key related car thefts
Following a house burglary
53 people/day
have car taken
The average value of cars taken using stolen keys is just over
Protect yours from just £27
From 85% of car thefts where method was known
18% from keys left in cars
Would you leave £10,000+ lying around?
Treat your car keys as cash.
Protect them today!!
Break-ins to steal keys are up 20%

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