Comprehensive Insurance includes

  • The cost of replacing lost and stolen keys including locksmith charges
  • 24 hour, 365 days a year emergency helpline
  • Access to a nationwide network of approved locksmiths
  • Cover anywhere in the EU
  • No excess to pay
  • UK based call centre
  • And more...

Why do I need key insurance?

Have you ever considered the value of your keys? Potentially this could be the value of your car!!! You can’t find them! Where are they? Did I lose them? Did someone steal them? The inconvenience could soon turn into anxiety. You panic! The thought of sorting everything out sinks in! Having Keycare key insurance can help bring you peace of mind in the event that you lose your keys. 1 in 4 sets of keys attached to a Keycare fob are recovered.

Keycare offers valuable protection against any additional costs incurred if your keys have been lost or stolen. We provide peace of mind and an easy to access, no hassle solution with help and support from our UK call centre 24 hours a day. One call to Keycare will bring you relief and help. Having someone to turn to in your hour of need who will offer immediate and effective help can make the world of difference.

Who are Keycare?

Keycare assists people who have lost their keys or had them stolen. As the UK’s number 1 key insurer we sit behind many UK household brands who put their trust in Keycare as their preferred partner for key insurance.

Since 1977 we have built a reputation for excellent service and have over 1.8 million customers. In a recent survey 86% of our customers said they are likely to recommend our product or service to a friend.

How does Keycare work?

As part of your insurance policy you are provided with a Keycare fob which must be attached to your keys. There is a unique number on the reverse of the fob which helps us to identify your keys should they be lost.

If your keys are found we will arrange a convenient way of reuniting you with them. The finder will receive a £10 reward courtesy of Keycare.

If not Keycare will assist you in in getting back on your feet through our approved locksmiths, covering costs in line with your selected policy.

What our customers say

Fantastic support and speedy conclusion for a lost set of keys
Mrs C. Gillingham
I am very impressed by the high quality of your customer service. Very pleasant and efficient contact staff.
Mr B. Fife
Help and assistance from your company has been exceptional and helped me enormously in difficult circumstances. Many thanks
Mrs B. Heathfield