Key Insurance – Peace of Mind and Support

Keycare can help your customer recover their lost keys

Every day in the UK thousands of keys go missing. Sometimes this is a result of crime, but more often it is down to the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Keycare is here to provide peace of mind and support by helping your customer recover their lost keys. Keycare provides a reliable backup and response service, 24 hours a day.

We all know that losing valuable possessions can be inconvenient. You can’t find your keys! Where are they? Did I lose them? Did someone steal them? A simple inconvenience can soon turn into anxiety and then panic as the thought of sorting everything out sinks in.

At Keycare, we ensure that your customer avoids the hassle that lost keys brings. We replace distress and worry with the comforting peace of mind our key protection provides. Whether keys become lost or stolen your customer is in safe hands with Keycare.

Need a key insurance specialist? You’re in the right place

As a leading specialist in key recovery Keycare provides a full incident management service. All our employees are trained to offer expert and specialist key insurance advice to your customer.

We have a nationwide network of approved locksmiths who are reliable and standards are high. We offer a high level of customer care and a fast, easy to access responsive service.

From our own UK based call centre we can provide your customer with quick access to real help and support from real people at any time. We have specialist incident management teams available around the clock every day of the week. Our teams are quick and responsive offering immediate help and support to any customer who has lost keys or had them stolen.

We appreciate how valuable customer relationships are to a company and we are pleased to say that many leading brands in the UK trust Keycare as their preferred supplier of key insurance.